D. Michael A. Rudder and Susan E. Reid Charitable Foundation

174B Archimedes Street, Suite 148, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

B2H 2T6 Canada


RRCF Registration No.:  76885 7286 RR0001


Lifting individual initiative. Helping you reach beyond. Knowing you can too.

Standing with communities moving towards personal healthcare for all. 


The values that drive the D. Michael A. Rudder and Susan E. Reid Charitable Foundation (RRCF) enable the advancement of individual achievement through education, and building healthcare capacity across communities.  

The founding Trustees are committed to providing substantial resources to realise our passions. When you share our passions, you too can join our awardees and the Foundation in realising these goals.


The RRCF has two primary objectives. These are:

  1. To provide and maintain a scholarship fund to enable persons to commence or continue their studies at Canadian educational facilities that provide educational programs, courses and training; and 

  2. From time to time to contribute to qualified organizations, e.g. hospital foundations, focused on supporting healthcare delivery institutions.

Supported by a team of dedicated volunteers the RRCF is committed to achieving these goals on a continuing basis.


The Foundation commenced effective February 5, 2018. 

The present Trustees of the RRCF are Susan (Soo) E. Reid, MLS, BA, and D Michael A Rudder, B.Comm., CA, CPA.  Soo and Michael are also the Founding Trustees and contributors to the RRCF.  

Provisions in the Trust allow for the selection and appointment of successor Trustees as considered appropriate.

Susan E. (Soo) Reid and David Michael A. (Michael) Rudder are the Founders and majority contributors to the Foundation. Individuals, and entities other than individuals, may contribute to the RRCF at their pleasure. By law such contributions cannot exceed the cumulative contributions to the RRCF by the Founding Trustees. While the Trustees expect that there will consistently be significant scope for contributions by individuals and other entities, parties considering offering a contribution to the RRCF are encouraged to indicate their desire to do so in advance. This will assist the RRCF in meeting its legal obligations.

Legal Authority

The RRCF is established under the authority of the Government of Canada, Canada Revenue Agency, Charities Directorate to conduct activities as defined in its objectives in the Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Alberta and British Columbia, and, for a specific instance, in Barbados.

The Foundation reports as required annually, on a calendar year basis, to the Canada Revenue Agency, Ottawa, Canada.