D. Michael A. Rudder and Susan E. Reid Charitable Foundation

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B2H 2T6 Canada


RRCF Registration No.:  76885 7286 RR0001

Eligibility & Application Rules

Eligibility Rules

Individuals resident in the Maritime Provinces, Alberta and British Columbia may apply for any of the scholarship awards offered.


Applicants seeking a scholarship for a university based academic program or to pursue a certification at a community college are invited to submit electronically the following required information:

  1. A covering letter that must include verifiable personal identification including full name, current address, email, telephone number, Skype/FaceTime or WhatsApp details.

  2. A written statement that demonstrates the applicant’s financial need, academic achievement, integrity, ingenuity, innovation, compassion, commitment, demonstrated community service, society needs and good character. To demonstrate that they meet these criteria, applicants must provide a document of approximately 1000 words, addressing:

    - The applicant's education education, hobbies, interests and community participation
    - A highest level of personal progress or achievement, especially as it relates to overcoming      adversity
    - An outline of personal goals and how the education to be pursued will support achieving        these goals, especially as it relates to lifting the applicant beyond her or his current                  circumstances
    - Any other factors the applicant considers makes them uniquely qualified to be an awardee


  3. A certified copy of present academic performance (e.g. high school) to date issued by the institution(s) which the applicant has attended.

  4. Information considered relevant by the applicant to establish financial need.

  5. Confirmation of acceptance at the Institution where the applicant plans to study, including their planned program of study. Institutions must be recognized post secondary institutions or ‘prescribed university’ as identified in the Income Tax Act. 

  6. Two references

Note: Although others may apply, preference will be given to students pursuing studies in the fields of technology, business, health and engineering.


University-based programs: Applications for university offered programs must be received by May 31 for programs commencing during September of the same year. Applications received after the required application deadline in any given year will not be considered.


College programs: Applications for college offered programs must be received no later than 90 days before the scheduled commencement date of the program as published by the institution identified in the application. Applications received after the required application deadline in any given year will not be considered.