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Eligibility & Application

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Eligibility Rules

Individuals resident in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta and British Columbia may apply for any of the scholarship awards offered.

RRCF scholarships can be held in conjunction with other scholarships provided that the total of the RRCF scholarship and all other scholarships does not exceed $6,000.


In considering the submission of an RRCF Application, note that RRCF focuses its scholarships on wellness enabling (for example nursing, physiotherapy, dietician, pharmacy, elder care); business (e.g. accounting, economics, statistics and finance); and trade skills training (e.g. electrician, hair dressing).


RRCF accepts scholarship applications from January 1 to May 31 for programs commencing during September of the same year. Applications received before or after these dates are not considered.


Applicants must complete the RRCF Scholarship Application Form.

Applicants must provide:


1. A statement that demonstrates:

  • your academic achievement, interests and community participation, innovation and commitment;

  • an outline of goals and how the education to be pursued will support achieving these goals, especially as these relate to lifting you beyond your current circumstances;

  • any other factors you consider make you uniquely qualified to be an awardee.


2. An assessment of your financial need including a reliable estimate of costs and expected available sources of support.
3. A certified copy of your present academic record.

4. Confirmation of acceptance at the institute where you plan to study.


5. Two references.

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