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Available Awards

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The Foundation plans to award two scholarships annually. The number of scholarships awarded annually may grow to a maximum of six as the Foundation grows.


In the 2021-22 academic year, the Foundation is pleased to be supporting 15 students through scholarship awards.

Scholarships awarded each year will support at least one university offered academic program and one certification program at a community college or other similar institution.


The maximum annual value of a scholarship to pursue a university degree program (for example BSc or BComm) is currently $5,000. The maximum annual value of a scholarship to pursue a certification at a college (for example, Culinary Arts, Licensed Practical Nurse) is currently $3,000. 


To provide awardees with greater certainty as to their financial support for the duration of their studies, the Foundation will renew the scholarship awarded for each of 2 subsequent consecutive study periods depending on the program of study. Any such renewals will be subject to the awardees continuing their studies and achieving a B grade (or equivalent) or higher in all core subject areas that comprise the program of study.


The selection of awardees will take into account the following criteria but not so as to limit the parameters of choice: financial need, academic achievement, integrity, innovation, commitment, demonstrated community service and society needs. 

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