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Healthcare Advancement

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Providing the best healthcare for all will continue to be a national challenge. As the Trustees and our families have benefitted from access to high quality healthcare it is fitting that the Foundation prioritises contributing to this defining Canadian mission.

Accordingly, the Trustees will from time to time determine amounts that the Foundation will transfer to selected approved healthcare delivery organizations including, for example, the Aberdeen Health Foundation, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia; Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation, Sydney, NS;  and Northside/Harbourview Hospital Foundation, North Sydney, NS and others.

Similarly, the trustees – having benefitted from healthcare services in Barbados – would like to contribute to access there by providing the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Bridgetown, Barbados with specific medical equipment. 

Contribution Amount

The Trustees will from time to time determine amounts that the Foundation desires to transfer to selected approved organizations in the healthcare delivery field. These organizations will be approved charitable organizations in accordance with the provisions of the Canada Revenue Agency.

The decisions of the Trustees with respect to determining the recipient organization, and the date and amount of the transfer shall be solely the responsibility of the Trustees.


Hospitals, clinics, and Hospital Foundations, resident in the Maritime Provinces of Canada, and holding the status of “qualified donees” as that term is used by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Selection Process

The trustees will gather information from eligible organizations. After review, which may include the use of voluntary expertise, a decision will be reached.

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