Review & Selection Process

The Foundation plans to award two scholarships annually to residents of British Columbia, Alberta or the Maritime Provinces. One to pursue a university based academic program, and one to pursue a certification at a community college or other similar institution.

The maximum value of a scholarship to pursue a university degree program (for example BSc or B. Comm.) is planned to be $5,000 per academic year. 

The maximum value of a scholarship to pursue a certification at a college (for example, Culinary Arts, Licensed Practical Nurse) is planned to be $3,000 per semester. 

To provide awardees with greater certainty as to their financial support for their studies, the Foundation will renew the scholarship awarded for each of 2 subsequent consecutive periods - academic years, or semesters - depending on the program of study.  Any such renewals will be subject to the awardees continuing their studies and achieving a B grade (or equivalent) or higher in each of all subject areas that makeup the program of study. As a result the number of scholarships awarded annually may grow to a maximum of 6 as the Foundation matures. 

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